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Old Retro Version


Nanaimo Fun Shirt

licence plate

License Plate Cover


Early 2000’s Logo

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Showroom Print


Website Version


Vehicle Decal


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Sign Stanchion

Logo Lockups

Like it or not, our logo will be used in a lot of different locations. Each location will have a different size and shape, which will cause visibility and recognition issues if the logo doesn’t fit well.

For example, if your logo is made up of both typography and symbol, you might have 2 layout variants such as; a long/thin version with the symbol to the left of the text, and another with the symbol above.

Artboard 14-100

Logo Limitations

The heavy bold typeface used for Steve Marshall becomes illegible from a short distance, Steve is at the top of the graphic hierarchy in this treatment. It uses 4 different typeface styles which waters down the memorability.

This logo was created for a business card format and has no malleability to reformat for other situations, for example no landscape version. It also uses the gradient Ford oval which creates problems when using in black & white printing and embroidery stitching.

Artboard 12-100 Artboard 4-100 Artboard 7-100 Artboard 9-100 Artboard 6-100 Artboard 5-100 Artboard 11-100 Artboard 10-100 Artboard 8-100 1ph 2ph 3ph 6ph 5ph 4ph